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Professional Air Conditioning Services in Langley

An AC is more than just a device - it is akin to comfort and a necessity during the clammy summer days. It not only gives you relief from the heat outside but also helps you sleep better at night and function comfortably indoors. This is the reason why you need to make sure that your AC is working properly and at its full potential. Langley Plumbing & Heating Ltd. helps you by offering all types of residential air conditioning services in Langley as per your needs and within your budget. You can come to us for anything, from installation to repairs to maintenance and more. We maintain transparency in our job and keep you updated with whatever issues your unit may have. 

Whether you are looking for a quality repair or want to replace your existing unit with a better, energy-efficient model, we have got your back. We offer 24/7 emergency services, which means we will be there to repair your system even in the dead of night. Hire our air conditioning contractor today!

Common Problems With AC Systems

No matter how effectively you use your air conditioning system, it is bound to have some problems. If there is a problem like leakage, an expert’s assistance is required. Know that your AC needs inspection when:

Your AC Stops Working
Any times this happens because the thermostat isn’t properly set. If the problem is not with the thermostat, it can be a tripped breaker or dysfunction in the condenser.
Your AC Is Not Cooling Your Home
A common reason for this is broken or dirty air filters. When your air filters remain unchanged for a long time, it leads to dirt build-up and eventual malfunctioning.
Even If It Is Cooling, It Is Uneven
You may experience uneven cooling if there is a leaky duct, a blocked register, or not enough insulation. In such cases, a professional helps identify and resolve the problem.
You See Water Around It
Water accumulation around an AC unit means that there is a clog in the pipe connected to that unit. It can also occur due to a leaking refrigerant that results in ice on the coils.
You Hear Strange Noises
A tell-tale sign that your AC needs help is when you literally hear it making noises. Sounds like clicking and banging mean serious problems and require immediate attention.

Proud to Be Trusted by Customers

If you live anywhere in Langley, Fort Langley, Aldergrove, Walnut Grove, and Cloverdale, know that a team of AC service specialists is always there for you. Langley Plumbing & Heating Ltd. believes in building relationships through honest, customer-focused, and on-point work. We go to great lengths to deliver on what we promise and to provide an AC repair job that satisfies you. Call us today for any queries or service requests.

Great Experience

Great experience. They came quickly and fixed my toilet that had an air freshener stuck in the drain. Recommended

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Complete AC Services

We utilize the latest tools and techniques to install and repair your AC units.

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