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High-Quality Boiler Repairs in Langley

Langley Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has been providing boiler repair services in Langley for over 20 years. All boilers require periodic service and maintenance to ensure they work efficiently. A broken, malfunctioning or inefficient boiler might negatively impact your comfort and your safety. Langley Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides an extensive line of boiler services and boiler parts, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our goal is to quickly assess your boiler, determine the problem and get your system back to operation. Our technicians are fully committed and equipped to respond quickly to boiler repair calls.

Ensuring Your Comfort at All Times

Do you want a boiler that is specially engineered for your home? It is a good idea to have such a boiler since it creates hot water or steam, which is then further used for hydronic baseboards and in-floor radiant heat systems in buildings. While an efficient boiler can warm your property, an energy-efficient one also helps you save immensely on expenses. No matter what kind of boiler installation project it is, we have the tools and knowledge to do it right the first time.



Around the Clock Emergency Boiler Repair Solutions

As a community-oriented company, we are dedicated to serving you in every way possible. We are ready to come to your site at any time in case an emergency happens. Our expert boiler technicians are well-versed and can take care of any heating equipment with ease. Call us to know more about our heating or cooling services.


What is Included in Boiler Service?

  • Check for gas leakages

  • Check the pressure level of the gas

  • Check the main components underneath the boiler casing

  • Clean parts as required

Key Benefits of Regularly Servicing Your Boiler

Your boiler is one of the most expensive and essential items in your home. To keep it in working condition throughout the year, it is important to get it checked and serviced regularly. Benefits that regular servicing offers are:

  • Reduced Energy Bills:  Boilers are checked to make sure there is no fuel wastage, which might otherwise increase your energy bills.

  • Safety: Incorrectly fitted boilers are likely to result in serious problems that can affect the health of the person using it. Regular servicing will also save you from any probable gas leaks.

  • Extended Boiler Life: Regular servicing reduces the chances of breakdowns and will eventually lead to prolonged boiler life.

  • Energy Efficiency: Regular servicing is also a great way of ensuring that your boiler uses energy efficiently.

  • Boiler Cover Claims: Even if you have a boiler cover, the home insurance company will require boiler service records to honour your boiler repair claim.


Get in touch with us if you’re looking for boiler repair services in Langley, BC!

Gary Is the Man

I called this company around 6pm, full of anger since I failed to install a toilet. I needed a plumber who can be here ASAP. After a few unfortunate calls, Gary picked it up and said that he can be here TONIGHT. He came with a van-full of tools and parts and got on to the work right away. He was so knowledgeable regarding all the latest toilets, parts, and the mechanism. Our house had few issues but he spotted them right away and fixed swiftly. The valve, pipes, toilet itself, and the silicon finish took less than an hour (our toilet had a super tiny gap on both sides so i expected longer). He was super friendly throughout the process and gave me a smile at the end. Our family is really thankful for your presence tonight and will call you whenever i have a issue plumbing-wise

Jason S.

Excellent Boiler Repairs

Hire our qualified technicians to repair your boilers and maintain them!

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